Flying change: the aids

The following aids are given simultaneously during the flight-moment:

  • The new inside leg is placed on the girth.
  • The new inside rein and the new inside leg help maintain the new bending around the inner seat bone and inside leg of the rider.
  • The new outside leg is placed behind the girth and moves the outside hind leg under the point of weight (like in hindquarter-in).
  • The rider looks over the new inside shoulder forward.
  • Do not forget to reward and stop when the change happens for the first time, to print the positive experience in the horse‚Äôs mind.

Teaching the exercise to the horse

It is recommended to practice the change in the same place of the arena, until the change is confirmed. This fixed place should be on a straight line and not in a corner of the arena. Afterwards, you can practice the change in other places in the arena.

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