Half pass- Riding Aids

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Halfpass 0 243x300 Half pass  Riding AidsAs preparation to the exercise, the rider rides a circle to the right or a shoulder-in to the right. The rider then moves his point of weight towards the diagonal and asks the outside hind leg to step under the point of weight.

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Half-pass Variations

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Halfpass 6 203x300 Half pass Variations

  • The ¼ half-pass leads to the middle of the short side and the horse is less bended in this exercise. The horse goes more forwards than sideward.
  • In the ½ half-pass the horse has a similar bending as on a 10 meter circle. The horse goes as much forward as it goes sideward, thus having equal pushing and carrying capacity in his hind legs.
  • In the ¾ half-pass the horse is more bended and moves to the centre of the long side. The horse goes more sideward than forwards.
  • In a complete half-pass the horse has maximum bending and steps sideward. A little bit of forwards should be maintained so that the outer legs can continue to step in front of the inside legs.
  • It is recommended to practice all variations and not to limit yourself to just 1 variation.
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