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The rider guides the horse in hindquarter-in mainly using the outside leg and inside rein, the so-called ‘’traversal’’ aids.

  • The outer rein lies against the neck and guides the shoulder inwards.
  • The inside rein keeps the stelling of the horse and guides the shoulders over the track along the wall.
  • The outside leg of the rider is behind the girth and gives a little aid the moment the horse lifts the outside leg to bring it in under the point of weight.
  • The inside leg of the rider lies on the girth and maintains the lateral bending.
  • The outside rein allows the amount of bending in the horse.
  • The rider puts more weight on the inside seat bone, to take pressure away from the stretched outer back muscles.
  • The point of weight of the rider, located in the riders’ pelvis, moves toward the inside front leg of the horse.
  • The rider keeps his shoulders parallel to the horse’s shoulders and his hips parallel to the hips of the horse.

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