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The rider guides the horse in hindquarter-in mainly using the outside leg and inside rein, the so-called ‘’traversal’’ aids.

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Haunches in – Variations

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  • workingpirouette 300x297 Haunches in   VariationsHindquarter-in can be ridden on the straight line along the wall, through curves, and also in a circle
  • The exercise can be done in walk, trot and finally also canter.
  • When riding in a circle, the collection of the horse can be improved through this exercise, because the hind legs take shorter steps and take more weight.
  • Fluent transitions from shoulder in to hindquarter-in improve coordination and suppleness of the horse and the response to the aids.



Four Hind Legs

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  • By riding shoulder in to the left and to the right, the horse is asked to step with the inside hind leg under the point of weight.
  • By riding hindquarter-in and renvers to the left and right, the horse is asked to step under with the outside hind leg.

That means that the horse actually has four functions in his hind legs that are trained by these exercises:

  1. Left hind leg as inside hind leg
  2. Right hind leg as outside hind leg
  3. Left hind leg as outside hind leg
  4. Right hind leg as inside hind leg

Vierbenen 300x193 Four Hind Legs

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