School Jumps

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The jumps above the ground, also called School jumps, are like all other exercises derived from natural movements of the horse. The horse can also show these movements in the field and in the herd to lose energy, impress others or maintain the hierarchy.

Horsejump 1 150x150 School Jumps Horsejump 2 150x150 School Jumps Horsejump 3 150x150 School Jumps

Horsejump 4 150x150 School Jumps Horsejump 51 150x150 School Jumps Horsejump 6 150x150 School Jumps

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Prior to a School jump, the horse carries all its weight on the hind legs. Then the weight is moved upwards by the hind legs. There are four School jumps: the courbette, the croupade, the ballotade and the capriool.

Schilderij3 300x224 Preparation

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It is necessary that both hind legs move simultaneously and identically in both carrying and pushing manner while doing School jumps. Only few horses have two symmetrical hind legs. Most horses tend to put less weight on one hind leg and move the stronger hind leg further forward.

Asymmetry 3 150x150 Asymmetry

It is important for the rider to recognize this asymmetry from the beginning of the training. By training the horse straight, the weak hind leg can be made stronger so that the horse is later capable of using both hind legs equally.

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