Prior to a School jump, the horse carries all its weight on the hind legs. Then the weight is moved upwards by the hind legs. There are four School jumps: the courbette, the croupade, the ballotade and the capriool.

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The courbette starts with a pesade after which the horse jumps forward several steps on its hind legs. An experienced horse can do multiple jumps without landing on the front legs in between jumps.

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In croupade, the horse can push with its hind legs so powerfully that its ‘’croupe’’ comes near the same height (horizontal line) as  the withers. The horse does not jump forward, like in courbette, but upwards.

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From croupade, the horse can be asked to kick out with its hind legs. When it lacks power to kick out completely and only shows the soles of its hind feet, we call it a ballotade.

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When the hind legs kick out completely we call it a capriole. This is the most difficult of all jumps and is the crown to the Academic Art of Riding.

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