Teaching the exercise to the horse

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Hindquarter-in can only arise from a perfect shoulder in. This last exercise should therefore first be comfortable to the horse, before teaching the hindquarter-in.

Hindquarter-in is first trained in hand before riding.

Haunches in 2 300x225 Teaching the exercise to the horse Haunches in 3 300x225 Teaching the exercise to the horse

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Haunches in – Riding Aids

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Haunches in aids 193x300 Haunches in   Riding Aids

The rider guides the horse in hindquarter-in mainly using the outside leg and inside rein, the so-called ‘’traversal’’ aids.

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Haunches in – Variations

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  • workingpirouette 300x297 Haunches in   VariationsHindquarter-in can be ridden on the straight line along the wall, through curves, and also in a circle
  • The exercise can be done in walk, trot and finally also canter.
  • When riding in a circle, the collection of the horse can be improved through this exercise, because the hind legs take shorter steps and take more weight.
  • Fluent transitions from shoulder in to hindquarter-in improve coordination and suppleness of the horse and the response to the aids.


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