Piaffe arises by collecting in trot. Piaffe is like a trot in place, with only one hoof print forward in every step. The horse is bending in its haunches, the hind legs step under the point weight and the horse’s surface support becomes smaller. The pelvis is tilted, the back arches and the horse lifts its front.

piaffe1 300x220 Piaffe

Trot has two extremes: collection and extension. The highest collection is found in piaffe, the biggest extension is found in extended trot.

The extended trot is the trot with the longest strides. The more the rider goes towards piaffe, the more active, shorter and higher the steps.


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  1.   Christina Brennanon 30 Mar 2012 at 00:58

    What was the original purpose of the piaffe. Was it like the other High School movements and designed for a very specific reason, other than just as a preparatory movement?

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