Pirouette: The Aids

Pirouette aids 270x300 Pirouette: The AidsThe canter pirouette requires a perfect set of forward sending aids, sideward leading outside aids, and inside aids:

  • The outside rein leads the outside shoulder in the turn. The outside rein is not allowed to pull back and reduce bending.
  • The outside leg of the rider brings the outside hind leg in under the point of weight.
  • The point of weight is moved backwards and to the inside with the upper body of the rider, putting more weight on the inside hind leg and freeing the shoulders.
  • The inside seat bone, inside rein and inside leg keep the lateral bending.

If the horse wants to turn its shoulders too quickly, the inside rein can stop that movement.

If the shoulders turn too slowly, the outside rein should guide the shoulders in more clearly.

When the hindquarter is not bending enough, the outside leg of the rider should ask the outside hind leg to come further under the point of weight.

When the horse throws itself through the turn, the inside leg of the rider can prevent it.

In the end, the horse should learn to only react on the turning of the rider’s upper body and stay between the aids.

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