Renvers: Variations

The exercise can be done is walk, trot and finally also in canter.

  • Transitions from hindquarter-in to renvers in walk and trot prepare the horse for the canter change:

Renverstravers 105x300 Renvers: Variations

  • Fluent transitions from shoulder-in to renvers improve balance, coordination and suppleness as well as the reaction of the horse to the aids.

Renversschouderbinnenwaarts 97x300 Renvers: Variations

  • Renvers can be ridden on the straight line along the wall, through curves and in a circle.

renverspirouette 300x291 Renvers: Variations

  • The old grandmasters used to ride renvers on a circle and gradually decrease the size of that circle until a turn around the shoulders was done. This way they managed to ride canter pirouettes in renvers.
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