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Schouderbinnen 150x150 Shoulder inIn the Academic Art of Riding, the horse is strengthened through logical gymnastic exercises.

In this set of exercises, the shoulder in is an important exercise the horse should learn to straighten the horse.

The shoulder in has great value because it counters the natural asymmetry and makes the horses equally supple to the left and right. The benefit of the exercise lies in the increased bending of the inside hind leg and the increase of shoulder freedom in the outside shoulder...

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History About Shoulder In

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Shoulder in history 187x300 History About Shoulder InShoulder-in was invented by the Duke of Newcastle (1658) and was in those days done on the circle.

The grand master Robichon de la Guérinière (1733) performed the exercise (‘’L’Epaule en dedans’’ in French) on the straight line.

Other masters in history named the exercise the ‘’corner stone’’ of dressage, ‘’pillar’’ of the art of riding, ‘’mother’’ of all exercises and even the ‘’aspirin’’ of riding, because the exercise was supposed to solve all riding problems.


Shoulder in: the goal

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The goal of shoulder in is to teach the horse to step under the point of weight with its inside hind leg.

Shoulder in 3 300x225 Shoulder in: the goal

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