In the Academic Art of Riding, all side movements are first taught to the horse in hand.

Shoulder in 6 300x168 Shoulder in: Teaching the exercise to the horse

This teaches the horse to move in side movements and find its balance without the additional weight of the rider. Read more »


Shoulder in: The Aids

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Shoulder in aids 199x300 Shoulder in: The AidsThe rider guides the horse in shoulder in mainly using the inside leg and outside rein, the so-called ‘’versal’’ aids.

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Shoulder in: variations

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  • Shoulder in can be ridden on the straight line along the wall of the arena, but also in a circle
  • To test whether the horse is properly responding to the outside rein and is not falling on the inside shoulder, halfway through the long side a little circle can be added to the exercise.
  • By making a shoulder in in every corner of the arena, the horse is prevented from “cutting the corners”.
  • The exercise can be done is walk, trot and finally also in canter. Especially when doing  straightness training in canter, the shoulder in is extremely valuable.
  • To prepare for the shoulder in, the horse can be ridden in a small circle or through a corner.  This will help  get the proper lateral bending for the exercise.
  • The exercise can be ended by making a circle or by placing the shoulders back in front of the hips.

Shoulder in circle 159x300 Shoulder in: variations

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