Shoulder in: The Aids

Shoulder in aids 199x300 Shoulder in: The AidsThe rider guides the horse in shoulder in mainly using the inside leg and outside rein, the so-called ‘’versal’’ aids.

  • The outer rein lies against the neck and guides the shoulder inwards.
  • The inside leg of the rider is on the girth, asks the lateral bending of the horse and gives a little aid the moment the inside hind leg steps forward to make it step under the weight.
  • The inside rein is away from the neck and asks the stelling.
  • The outside leg of the rider is behind the girth, maintains the lateral bending and prevents the hindquarter to fall out.
  • The rider puts more weight on the inside seat bone, to take pressure away from the stretched outer back muscles.
  • The inside seat bone points down to where the horse should step with his inside hind leg.
  • The riders centre and point of weight is deep in the rider’s pelvis, pointing straight forward like a compass giving direction to the movement to prevent the horse from turning to the inside.
  • The rider keeps his shoulders parallel to the shoulders of the horse, and his hips parallel to the hips of the horse.

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  1.   wild_fillyon 05 Sep 2011 at 12:48

    Dear Marijke,

    I found your website not long time ego, but thanks for the holiday I have a lot of time to spend hours a day reading, watching and making a notes :) I like that because everything has soooo clear structure which I need to find myself and create the PLAN of training my horse. THANK You!
    I have ask.. can you please show how legs should step during the the shoulder in? there should be 4 hoofprints? or outside hind legs should cover the print form inside front leg?

    Best wishes

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