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Schouderbinnen 150x150 Shoulder inIn the Academic Art of Riding, the horse is strengthened through logical gymnastic exercises.

In this set of exercises, the shoulder in is an important exercise the horse should learn to straighten the horse.

The shoulder in has great value because it counters the natural asymmetry and makes the horses equally supple to the left and right. The benefit of the exercise lies in the increased bending of the inside hind leg and the increase of shoulder freedom in the outside shoulder...

Shoulder in 152x300 Shoulder inIn shoulder in, the horse walks in a forward-sideward movement, in which the body is bended laterally from neck to tail. The shoulder-in teaches the horse to step under the center of mass with its inside hind leg.

Shoulder in is a side movement on three or four tracks.

  • In competitions the shoulder in is done in 3 tracks. The inside front leg walks in one track, the inside hind leg and outside front leg walk on one track and the outside hind leg walks on one track.


  • In the classical art of riding the shoulder-in is also done on 4 tracks.  In this exercise the horse bends even further making both front legs walk on two different inside tracks.



The exercise shoulder-fore is used to prepare the shoulder-in. This exercise brings your horse’s shoulders slightly to the inside and the inside hind leg steps in between the tracks of the front legs.

The shoulder-fore’s greatest asset is creating straightness in canter.

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…………..Shoulder-fore………………………Shoulder-in 3 tracks ……………………….   Shoulder-in 4 tracks


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