Terre á terre: variations

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The redopp, school canter and carriere are variations on the terre á terre.


A different two-beat canter is called the redopp. The front legs jump forward simultaneously, followed by a jump of both hind legs in a sideward movement.
School canter

Many horses will lean towards a four-boated canter in Terre à Terre in place, thus creating the School canter.

The carrière is an exercise looking like a Terre à Terre. Imagine how a racing horse comes out of the starting-box.

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The carrière was mainly used in man against man fights to attack the opponent. It was only when the horse pushed powerfully with the hind legs that the rider could attack, otherwise he would lose balance and fall off the horse. In ancient time, riders also practiced with rings. The ring was only valid when the rider had stuck his spear through the ring in the moment the horse had both hind legs on the ground.

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