hoofpreference 300x224 Hoof preference: Is your horse right  or left handed?It’s likely that your horse is either right- or left-handed.

In the wild it makes sense to have a hoof preference, because in emergencies, one side of the body will take the lead.

Do the test:


Step 1: Place some food about 5m in front of your horse.

Step 2: Encourage it to come forward and eat the food.

Step 3: When it begins to eat the food, note whether the left or right hoof is placed furthest forward.

Step 4: Do this twice more.


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Checklist Natural Asymmetry

| Category: Natural Asymmetry |

Just like people, horses can be left-handed or right-handed and asymmetrical.

This PDF gives you a checklist to find out if you have a right or left bended horse.

Click on the PDF or on the link to download the checklist.

pdf bttn Checklist Natural AsymmetryChecklist Natural Asymmetry





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