Straightness training consists of gymnastic exercises such as shoulder-in, haunches-in and the derived exercises like renvers, half-pass and pirouette. These exercises ensure the horse to develop symmetrically in body and limbs and prepare the horse for collection.

side movements1 1024x492 The essence of side movements

When performing these exercises the essence must be well observed:

  1. The center of balance must be in the right place in the body
  2. The hind legs must step under the correct center of balance to be able to take weight
  3. Which results in a lifting of the fore hand and freely moving shoulders

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Collection 300x168 Collection A stallion that meets another horse will have a beautiful appearance.

When a strange horse comes upon the scene, or he sees himself in the mirror the attention of the stallion is naturally aroused and his body prepares for action.

He raises his head, arches his back, and brings his legs more under his body.

This makes it easier for him to make sudden changes of direction.

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forward down 300x236 Is lowering the horses neck enough?The forward-down tendency and lowering the horses neck is an important part of riding horses, but it is only part.

When a rider rides a horse only in forward-down – without engaging the hind legs in a proper way – the following symptoms can occur:.

horizontaalscheef 300x212 Is lowering the horses neck enough?

  • The horse leans on the rein and uses the hand of the rider for support, like a fifth leg.
  • The horse shows little shoulder-freedom.
  • The horse will develop only pushing ability and not any carrying ability , so he will never learn to carry the rider in balance.
  • Due to the weight of the rider that is added to the front legs, strain injuries can occur.

Only running a horse onto the forehand with no parameters except the lowering of the neck can damage the horse.

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