My New Horse Toronto

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Toronto2 300x168 My New Horse TorontoThis is my new horse Toronto.

He is a gelding, born 28-07-2000,  Jazz x Wolfgang.

He is a former dressage / competition horse and will get an academic education from now on..



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El Blanco

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This is my horse El Blanco:

Halfpass 17 300x168 El BlancoGelding

Ras: P.R.E. (Pura Raza Española)

Geslacht: Ruin

Geboren: 5-6-2001

Aureolo XIII        y       Inquieta XX

He is with me since 14 March 2009

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Prince Elmelund

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This is my youngest horse, Prince Elmelund:
PrinceElmelund 300x168 Prince ElmelundGelding

Born 29 March 2005

Frederiksborger horse

Father: Zarpo            Mother: Pia

He is with me since 24 april 2007.

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