Twisted and tilted head and neck…

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I have a horse that I have been using your straigntness training techniques, and he is coming along beautifully. He is starting to develop a head tilt, with myself and other riders.

He literally will look like this: /

I am unsure how to proceed from here. I have tried different bits, had his ears and teeth checked, lowered my hands, raised the hands, etc, and nothing seems to work. He seems to do this as an escape, and nobody I have worked with can say how to fix it. How do I have a horse travel straight, when his head and neck are slightly twisted? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

With kind regards,

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Scheef 150x150 What to do with an Uneven Horse Back and SaddleThe questions in this video are:

Hi Marijke!

First of all, I love your explanations about Straightness Training. It`s so important for the horses health.

Now my question.

I got recently a 6 year old Frisian Mare, a big, sporty type (1,68 m at the withers and long long legs). She is not ridden much yet, and had a foal last year. Raina is uneven at her back. The left side seems to be lower than the right side.

When you sit on her, the saddle goes automatically to the left side, which causes problems for her and for me (i get also back pains on my left side).

I ordered an corrigation pad to rise the left side of the saddle, can you recommend this or would you like to build the muscles equally up before mounting her again?

She can`t step so much under with her left foot, it`s a different from nearly a hoof length. She seems to be stiff, has no happyness at work. Hardly to move forward. (in the past she was ridden with too short reins, so she has a wrong neckĀ  position)

I started with the Straightness training you explain, but it seems she does not progress, she just get tired.
Can you give me some helpfull tips what I can do to come on the right way? How can I motivate her properly to like to bend and work. Is it ok to ride her, or would you just work with her from the ground?

A lot of questions…would love you come to Norway a time, so that we in the North can learn from you!

Thank you!
Best regards
Sabine & Raina

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Q&A Webinar June 8

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webinar1 150x150 Q&A Webinar June 8If you missed the live straightness training webinar, you can now watch the recordings below.

To view a recording, choose which part of the webinar you want to watch, then click on the white arrow.

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