Asymmetry on the circle

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The circle has to be round:

1. Lengtebuiging Asymmetry on the circle

A horse that is not corrected for its natural crookedness and the natural balance, will fall on the inside shoulder or over the outside shoulder.

Scheef1 281x300 Asymmetry on the circle Scheef2 281x300 Asymmetry on the circle

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Haunches in

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Haunches in 1 225x300 Haunches inThe exercise “hindquarter in”, also called travers, is the second most important corner stone in the Academic Art of Riding.

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Haunches in: The Goal

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Haunches in1 131x300 Haunches in: The GoalThe goal of hindquarter-in is to teach the horse to step with his outside hind leg under the point of weight.

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