Straightness Training at Liberty

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Recently I started straightness training with my horses without a longe line. In the video Romanesque, El Blanco, Prince Elmelund and Toronto are willing and focused and are doing their very best while they are at liberty. On the circle I am searching and striving for lateral bending, a forward down tendency and a stepping under of the inside hind leg. It is still work in progress, but it’s a start:


I thought it seemed interesting to examine how it would be to do

Straightness Training with a Parelli halter icon wink Straightness Training with a Parelli Halter

And it was fun!!!

Normally I work with a cavesson and a curb. But a method should not only depend on tools, it is more communication between trainer and horse.



Work in hand exercises

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werk aan de hand 150x150 Work in hand exercisesThe question in these videos is:

Dear Marijke,

I am getting ready to re-start my spanish gelding under saddle. He had been healing from a pasture injury. I have noticed he has a tendency to drop his back and not use it properly. I have started the shoulder-in on the rail and circle on the ground and he is doing well. His foot fall is supple and has good rhythm. What would be the best exercises to do for his back and neck. I do not want to ride him until i know he is ready for a rider’s weight. He is a very special and sensitive boy, and when i first started him he was just amazing. I don’t want to do anything too soon to lose his trust. Thank you for the generousity of your time and willingness to share.


Part I

Part II


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