Cavesson 300x225 Longeing aids


The young horse is longed using the cavesson and a single line. The horse should not be longed using the bit, because this can cause the horse to tilt its head. Also, the bit gives too many signals in the horse’s mouth.


Through the longe line you can ask the horse to take some stelling by making half-halts with your hand. By lowering the line you can invite the horse to lower his head in a forward down position. Raising the longe line will have a braking effect.


By asking stelling and using the whip the moment the inside hind leg comes forward; you will create a lateral bending in the horse. By pointing the whip to the shoulder you can prevent the horse from falling to the inside.

Body language

With your body language you can make the horse speed up or slow down. By making yourself taller you can activate the horse, by making yourself smaller and breathing out you will slow the horse down.


The voice is used to reward the horse (“FINE/GOOD”) and the condition the horse to the commands such as “WALK”, “TRRROT” and “WHOOA” When the horse responds well to vocal commands, it is easier to teach the horse the riding aids later on.

Longeing aids 1 300x225 Longeing aids

The combination of a raised longe line, the inside shoulder turned towards the horse and a vocal command (“WHOOA/EASY”) makes the horse slow down.

Longeing aids 2 300x225 Longeing aids

The combination of a lowered longe line, an open inside shoulder and a vocal command (“WALK/TROT”) makes the horse speed up.

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    What can you do if your horse stands still and refuses to participate? I am loving your website, thank you for sharing your knowledge

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