On both sides of its body, the horse is asked to bend in laterally, to step under the point of weight and to move forward down. You will have made a big step forward in the education of the horse when the young horse has learned these three elements on the longe.

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1. Lateral bending

The horse on the circle must bend evenly in its spine. When the horse has found the proper lateral bending, the circle will be perfectly round.

2. Stepping under

With a correct bending of the body, the inside hip will come forward, thus making the inside leg move forward under the point of weight.

3. Forward down

When the horse bends laterally, the back muscles are relaxed. This makes the horse lower its head and the neck is relaxed, forward down.

When these elements are integrated, the horse moves balanced and in the correct and relaxed self-carrying posture. This makes the use of additional reins unnecessary.-ee

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