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While longeing the horse should learn the following exercises:

•            Basic transitions such as walk-trot, trot-canter

•            Speeding up and slowing down within a gait

•            Stop

•            Transitions such as stop-trot, canter-walk

•            Changing the lead through the circle (by making a S over the middle)

Longe frequently with the saddle. When the horse has mastered all these exercises and gained better fitness and muscles, the riding training can then begin.


‘Herd of aids’

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Herd Herd of aids

From nature, the horse is used to walk in a herd:

  • The leading mare walks in front and decides the direction of the entire group.
  • The stallion walks behind and decides on the tempo.
  • Additionally, the horse reacts to the horses that walk to his left and right.

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