‘Herd of aids’

Herd Herd of aids

From nature, the horse is used to walk in a herd:

  • The leading mare walks in front and decides the direction of the entire group.
  • The stallion walks behind and decides on the tempo.
  • Additionally, the horse reacts to the horses that walk to his left and right.

To make it very simplistic: The horse stays behind the mare, in front of the stallion and between the other horses. In that position the horse can walk very confident and safe in the centre of the group. The horse is used to respond to others, that is why a horse lets itself be ridden so well, and a solitary animal like a moose does not.

Kudde Herd of aids

‘Herd of aids’

While riding the rider should take over the role of the surrounding horses:

  • leading like the mare,
  • deciding tempo like the stallion.
  • The horses left and right in front of the horse are substituted by rein aids, through which the shoulders are guided.
  • The horses to the left and right slightly behind the horse are substituted by the legs, guiding both hind legs of the horse.

When training the horse for riding, the horse is taught to carry itself in a herd of seat, leg- and rein aids.

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